Wednesday, April 08, 2009

No wordless Wednesday, as I have lots to say

Ran out of time yesterday, aso I did not have a chance to blog. Now today after work I am heading up to Geogia. I will be spending 2 days there. I packed up my car this morning and forgot a few things. If I canscoot out of here earlier than planned, I will run by my house to get the items. If not, I will have to just jump on the highway. Thought I put my camera in my purse, my mom said it was on the living room floor when she got up. Guess I missed the purse. That is what I get for packing my car at 5am! Left a few other things, but I guess I can bring them when I bring Jennifer back to Georgia.

Lots of work to do, and now I am researching something that I know I did not do, just have to find the proof to prove it. So the hunt is on

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