Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday starts lots of things to come

Missed blogging try a quick recap and then onto news.

Got off work a little early on Wednesday, and drove to Georgia. Got there and got my hugs, kisses, and smiles. Those are always what is the best part of coming up here. Did not do much Wednesday, just visit and unload the car. Thursday, the boys and I went to Albany to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. They all loved it, and that is what it is all about...making then happy. Of coarse Jennifer and I had to go to Walmart. A trip to Georgia is not complete without a trip to Walmart.

Now, we are on Friday. I am checking mail, blogs, Yoville, and Egg Breakers first. Now blogging, and then it is onto paying bills time. After that I need to take a shower and get all my stuff ready so I will be ready to leave when Jennifer is ready to leave. She is at work right now. This weekends agenda is hectic! Tomorrow is visiting Cody, Sunday is visiting Mary, and then Monday morning early we fly out to to my Awards thing. Looking forward to getting away. They finally sent a brief description as to our day by day adventures. Sounds like we will have fun everyday even the team building event! That will be a Jeep rally / scavenger hunt. So, it wont be one of those conference room stuff name me 5 reasons for this or 5 reasons of that!

OK, need to get to the bill paying portion of my morning before I get busy to the other items. Talk to you all later. Will try to blog sometime tomorrow probablly night.

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