Monday, April 20, 2009

My Trip To Arizona - Day One

Since we did not have internet access in AZ, Jenn wrote down things so we will remember. Well, we could have had it for 12.95 a day, but we were so busy it was not worth it. So, each day this week I will blog our trip...

Flight leaves at 730am, so we had to be at the airport very early. We began loading luggage in the car. Loaded up the car, and shut the back, went to start the keys! I put them down in the back! UGH! Sometimes it will not open, and naturally this was one of them. I had to have Jen crawl over the back seat to get into the back and get her keys that she left under our luggage. We head down to the Airport in Tampa and as we’re exiting the interstate to enter the airport drive, we somehow end up in long stay parking, since they have all the new ways of getting around. We had to take the spiral drive down and out and be directed toward the departing flights drop off. We finally make it and get out to retrieve our luggage and the darn trunk door will not open again. (This is an SUV, btw). Jenn and I let the back seat down and start pulling our luggage out that way. We get to the check-in and we had a bit of good information, we didn’t have to pay for our checked baggage! WOOHOO. So, we had extra spending money! We sent our stuff on its way and headed towards our gate but first….security! We get to the security checkpoint and we dance through the belted lines. We flash our IDs to the security guard and place our shoes & purse in one container, laptop in another….walk through the security machine. Jen gets through with no problem. I was not so lucky! Last min packing, I packed my full sized bottles of hair products in the carry on, not the checked bag! So, I was detained! They threw away all of my hairspray, mousse, and toothpaste. Finally we are off to get on the plane. Jen did great, she had her meds, and she was a real trooper, as she was scared of flying.

12:15 p.m. EST/9:15 Arizona Time - We arrive at the Phoenix Airport, we rush through the airport to find B17 gate, which was on the very other side from where we arrived. We get to B17 only to be redirected over to B3. We now get on the small plane that will carry us to Tucson. The guy in Tampa told us, make sure you check to see if they change your gate number. Since we had moments to get from one end of the airort to the other, we did not check it! We were suppossed to have about an hour layover, we had moments. We made it as they were already boarding the plane. But 95% of the plane was BHN people so it was all good! The next flight was 22 minutes (wheels up / wheels down as it was said) and it was very bumpy. We get off that bumpy plane, and go to baggage claim. We both got our luggage with no worries. They had people with signs waiting for us when we got our luggage to take us to the Resort. After a short drive through Tucson, we head to the mountains that are dotted with cactus and rocks. We turn the corner and see a beautiful resort that at first glance may seem like a mirage. It was not a mirage, it was our resort. It was the place that we would call home for the next five days.

We checked in, first with the hotel then with BHN to start our adventure. We received our welcome package (that included a bag full of goodies; watch, beach towel, disposable camera, backpack, and first aid kit), grab a few drinks and a snack (well it was better than a snack, but tummy did not agree with it), and then check out our room. Our room was over the lazy river pool, Jen decided to put on her swim suit and hit the lazy river pool A.S.A.P, and I unpacked. The sun was hot so I did not want to get burned on the first 20 mins of arrival. I unpacked and walked around the resort taking pictures as Jen lounged in the pool.

At 5:30 we had a “Tequila Toast” that was good, but snuck up on ya! After that we had a great dinner with Native American's as entertainment. They preformed some of their dances....well thanks to that the very next day was cloudy and the wind came. The rest of the week was very windy and cold. Thus, many of us became sick. All but one night's meals were outside!

I am still sick, so I am heading to the doctor in a little bit to get some medicine. Jen had a job interview this morning, fingers crossed she will get the job! It will be full time with benefits...much needed! Will keep you posted on that as well.
Until tomorrow.......

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Kip said...

Wow, what was the name of the resort you stayed at?