Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekend recap

Saturday was the Incarnation Crop...Linda and Kathy came by picked me up and then off we went to get Elle and then the day begun. It was a very nice crop, got to see alot of people I do not get to see often. What did I get done? Not a darn thing! Well, I did read the manual to my new camera. Need to learn how to use it before next weekend. Got to see Cheryl for a little bit. She stopped by to visit, offer the All You Magazine, and bring me/Oscar his dog biscuits. Made it home at a decent time, but did nothing. Well, played RPS on Yoville to get some coins (lol).
Sunday I got up fairly early and packed up a few items for Cody. Took my mother down to Sarasota since Cody has not sent any pictures of where he lives. Of all days, it started raining and got really cold. Driving down there we passed 4 wrecks, all on the other side so we were fine. Drove mom around seeing all the sights that I got to see last time I was there. We started to eat at this one place downtown called Word of Mouth. Cody showed me the menu, and I was all set mouth watering to the time we were done sight seeing and picked up Laurel it would be closing in 20 mins. Just like last time, set to go one place and we had to change plans. Now we set off for this seafood place called Star fish Company. Star Fish Company was started in the early 20's . cute little place I will have to upload some of the pictures Laurel took on my camera before the battery died. We shared a combo platter to try everything...OMG was it really good! But it was a tad bit too cold to be sitting outside to eat! Dropped off Laurel went to Publix picked up a few other items for Cody and then we had to come home. Man was Oscar glad to see us home. He was not a happy camper that he was left home alone for many hours. He is not used to that since my mom usually is home 99% of the day with him. Oh funny thing he did before we left. He found the bag that had the box of dog biscuits in it. He managed to get the box out of the bag and then was proceeding to figure out a way to open the box. I finally had to take it away from him or else he would have opened it some how some way! OK, going to close for now and watch Brothers and Sisters..2 hours and some thing bad is supposed to happen. Before waiting for it to start, I tried on some of my old capri's to see if they fit. Nothing like waiting until almost the end to see if all my clothes fit. They do so I am golden!
Have a great night, will post pictures later!

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Cheryl said...

It was great to see you!! Glad Oscar liked his biscuits..LOL

Glad mom got a chance to see Cody and where he is living. I'm sure she feels better now that she has the visual and knows he is ok.