Friday, February 27, 2009

So damn glad it is Friday

OK, so I am over being sick. This is week number two. Well this week was my own fault. If you know a medicine is making you sick, do not continue to take it. The antibiotic that made me violently ill last week, I stopped taking it got a little better, and then started taking it at night instead of during the day. That was not wise. Yesterday and today it reared its ugly head again. I had to leave work early yesterday and then most all of today. Lasted til 230 on Thurday, only til 930 today. I slept off and on all day today. A few times Alexis called me to do some work. But told her to. Scott was off and she has not been trained to do the billing aspect. I walked her thru a few of the entries and she did fine. Luckily it was the easy stuff and just a change of a date. Knock on wood I am feeling better. I have actually been able to sit up for about an hour now. Still going to take it easy tonight. Tomorrow is an all day crop, and then Sunday I want to take my mom down to see Cody. I have nothing ready for tomorrow. But that is ok. Think I will take it easy too. I have one week to get fully better before the cruise. So I better take it easy!

Short blog lots to catch up on. Hope all is well with everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

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