Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One happy gal

Teresa finished our (Jennifer and I)purses that I will be using in Arizona. If you have not seen my purse yet, take a look at her blog located at http://teresascreations.blogspot.com/ and while there look back at some of the other wonderful items she has made. Teresa has such great talent! Not just her sewing, but her scrapping and card making too. Can not wait to touch them this weekend. Thank you so very much Teresa.

So, I wake up this morning and there is a blue car in the driveway. Cody went off with Mike last night, but came home with Laurel and she came home and stayed. Bad thing though, she is allergic to Oscar. He just wants to love her, and she can not without having fits. Poor thing for the both of them. Not sure how long they are staying.

Wanna hear a crock? For 5 years Oscar has been going to the same Vet. Well, it is time to get the prescription for his heart worm medicine, and I went to call his Vet. Well, I got a "number is not in service" I wanted to change vets since the last two incidents with them. So, I went ahead and called a different vets office. And thru them I found out that Oscar's vets office closed. A simple visit just turned out to a full all out visit. Because I can not locate any of his medical records. I did find the last few receipts from his bills that says what was done to him. But still 5 years of records gone! I have to make more calls tomorrow to try to locate them. I went by the office today after work. They had a sign on the door that said, " If you want your records stop by the office before March 6th. Well, what if you did not have an appointment (like me) and did not see the sign on the door? I think they should have typed up a letter to all of their clients and send it to them to inform them ahead of time. I am so upset about this, but I wanted to change anyways. So, it was for the best, but still his records! UGH

OK, gonna close for now. Will blog again tomorrow

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Cheryl said...

Who was your Vet? I thought you took him to the one on Busch? Kinda a drag they didn't informa anyone like that. Wonder what will happen to the records?