Friday, March 06, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

It is Friday! And man, I can not wait for 4:00! I am leaving work a little early as I have a hair appointment today at 4:30. Yes, cutting it a little close. I will be armed with my picture, and notes from a co-worker that just had her hair cut last night and I love it! It is an Inverted Bob that is stacked and was done by a razor cut. For the first time I will go to the Linda and tell her "ok this is what I want", and she will be happy. Actually she is just happy I am finally getting my hair cut, as it has been since the week before last years cruise that I had my haircut!

Did you see that we have to set the clocks this weekend? They are taking an hour away from us folks that will be Cruising! How dare they?

So today there is the luncheon. I really hope they finally make the announcement as it has been killing me to keep this secret this long. Well a few people at work do know, and they are the main ones I talk to and I am close to, and I know they can keep a secret when I ask them to..... and they have.

My aunt Mary and Uncle Eddie are down from New York. They got here the other day. Thank goodness they will be here for 3 months so I will be able to see them. No crop the weekend we come back from the cruise, so I will probablly head over there then.

Better get busy, lots to finalize at work before my VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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