Friday, February 06, 2009

Yes it is Friday

and I am so happy! This week could not have ended soon enough for me. All week long I have left my house for work at 5:00am to get here by 5:30am! I thought today I would not have to come in so early, but the work I needed yesterday morning was not is here this morning so it is gathering up as I am typing. I beleive next week I will have my life back. Oh, and the first week of March I will have an additional co-worker in my department. He will arrive 5 days before the cruise, so there will be a fill in while I am away. It has not been announced as to who the Canidate X is that will be hired, but I am happy at this moment about who was chosen. He better not let me down or I will hurt him!

OK, work is calling me so I better run for now. Will try to blog later.

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