Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hunky Wednesday

In honor of the Superbowl this past week, I thought I would find me a "hot football player" for my hunky wednesday. I just googled hot football player and he is what I got....OH MY! Yes, he is HOT, Smokin Hot!I can not tell if he has blue eyes, as I can not get past those abs. I had to wipe the drool from my keyboard before I started typing. WOW!

OK, work has been something else this week. Yesterday and today I got to work at 5:30am. Yes that is FIVE THIRTY in the morning. Not sure what time I will get off of work today, but yeterday was 545pm. I am so tired I can not see straight! Have a major project that I have to get done. I have until next Tuesday, but I do not want to get it in to them that late. I need time in case there are issues. Well, thought it was done yesterday, but found out that what I wanted to do and was told no...I could. So, I had to re-do what I had done. Talking about pist! Only was verbal, wish I had it in writting that I was told...nope it can not be combined it has to be seperate just to turn around and get a email to did it wrong it has to be combined. Was it spite just to make me do it wrong? Thought so, but in the same email I was told to do something else after the fact, just to have a email saying ...oops I meant before the fact. Just get your act together as it is effecting me!

Anyways, guess I better get busy. Was taking a quick break. Already was working for 2 hours! UGH. Many more to come. Hope you all have a wonderful day......if not look at hottie football guy again! Get better Kip missing ya!

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:Jayne said...

I don't know how you google hot football player, but when I do, Brett comes up!