Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick and at work

I always complain when people come into work sick, and yet what am I doing today? Yes, I am at work and I am sick. Alexis is off, and it is a very bad time to miss work. I was already told I have to hang in there til next Wednesday. So, I am doing as much as I can to maintain myself. Have cold medicine and off I went. Out of all that cold medicine I bought before, it was all childrens. Can you beleive out of all that I bought (probably 20 bottles plus) only 2 was regular and one nighttime. Hope it does the trick as there are no specials right now and no coupons.

You know, if one was to go to Tucson, this sounds like a pretty good itinerary for a group of about 16 and their guest - flight arrangement to depart Tampa Monday morning, April 13th with a scheduled return to Tampa Friday, April 17th.:
US Airways
# 922 13APR Tampa – Phoenix 730A 912A
#2979 13APR Phoenix – Tucson 1008A 1100A
#2884 17APR Tucson – Phoenix 125P 211P
#1082 17APR Phoenix – Tampa 310P 959P

And this would sound like a really nice place to stay:


Jenn(ifer) said...

hope you feel better

:Jayne said...

Where are you going?? Can I be a guest?? LOL!
Get better soon, we have a cruise to go on!!