Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finally went to the docs

So, I finally caved and left work early and went to the doctors. I started to go earlier in the day to the Publix Little Clinic. I called the store near my work to ask if they had one there, and they said yes. Went to the store and they did not. The girl that answered the phone thought I was just asking if the pharmacy was open. Uhm what part of, are you the kind of pharmacy that has the clinic attached make you think I said "are you open"? Wasted trip, started raining, and lost my prime parking spot right at the door at work. So, I worked a few more hours and was miserable. So I caved and left about 1pm. On the way home I did manage to get a appointment at my doctors office at 340pm. I laid down for an hour which was a mistake cause then I did not want to get up. Ended up getting an antibiotic shot (just loved that..I HATE NEEDLES) and 2 scripts one for cough meds with codine and the other was antibiotics. I told the nurse my throat hut, she looked inside my mouth and said "wow I would be curled up in bed if mine looked like that". Seems it is very swollen, almost closed even. I told her that I had operations on my throat when I was little, and so my throat is my down fall when ever I get sick. She could not beleive I worked all week, and even worked today. The great news is that I am not contagious. So, I am taking my drugs and drinking hot tea. I am all tea'd out but it feels good on my throat.

Gonna check mail. And go to bed in a bit, but it is Thursday. Lucky for me Codine does not make me sleepy

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