Monday, February 02, 2009

Not Me Monday

OK, my niece Jennifer does this "Not Me Monday", so I thought I would give it a try...

I would not buy Banana Split ice cream from Blue Bell knowing full well that I need to lose weight. Knowing that a few items down is the 2pt Weight Watcher ice cream that is alot better for me..nope not me.

I would not hang up on my son that I have not seen in a week because he hurt my feelings. I would not hang up because I am all excited to do something, just to be told "no dont" have burst my bubble of excitement...nope not me.

I would not stand and listen to a conversation that I should not be hearing but want to hear. It is not my fault this conversation was in the middle of a hallway when it should have been behind closed doors as it was a confidential work related conversation....nope not me.

I would not make a smart ass remark to fellow coworkers that are sitting there talking in Spanish about other co-workers just to piss them off. Then put on my headphones and listen to the Pink Funhouse CD and play the verse "I wanna start a fight"....nope not me.

Ok enough of them. Had a wonderful weekend as always. Hated that I missed some as it went too fast. But as Jayne pointed out....we have less than 5 weeks to the Cruise and I got a packet from Doreen today in the mail. Glad all made it home safe and sound. A little differently than planned...but all safe and sound! Get Better Kip!


Jenn(ifer) said...

Good not me's...very theraputic huh!?

I saw that I missed your call yesterday. I had my phone on the charger, so I didn't hear it in my room. I's sorry! Love u

Usually anywhere between 5-7:30 I'm at the if you don't catch me then at those times, that could be why. Call the house, if Tyler sees its you he'll answer your calls. :)

:Jayne said...

I got my packet too! Less than 5 weeks!!!!