Tuesday, January 06, 2009


So, I had coupons.......and I used them. Teresa reminded me that Walgreen's had the opportunity to get free shampoo. Well, since I got a few inserts this past week, and I had a few of the coupons already I took advantage of it. I was almost out of mousse and hair spray. Now I will not be out for awhile. I ended up at Walgreen's 2 times because I forgot my coupons. And if that was not enough with one day, I went back another day. But the second day was not so great, so I went to Publix. So here is what I did Monday and Tuesday..spent 24.64 saved 107.01 and that is not counting what I saved with the savings from the shampoo..

Walgreen's 1st trip:
8 cans of Progresso soup
4 pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream
total $2.04
saved $40.80

Walgreen's 2nd trip:
3 Shampoo
3 Conditioner
5 mousse
4 hair shampoo
total 3.99
savings ...receipt is at work will tell tomorrow

4 cans of progresso soup (cashier would not let me buy more)
total .60 cents
saved 10.99

8 whole grain pop tarts
17 cans progresso soups (they had moms favorite)
crackers (hello I have soup lol)
2 cheese doodles
total $18.01
saved 55.22

Now, after buying all of that, I am watching the Biggest loser. And of coarse the soup I bought is not the weight watchers 0-2 point soup. So, guess where I will be going tomorrow. Publix to get the 0-2 point soups. Gonna go during lunch, and drag Alexis along with me and make her go thru the line too. And then hit up Publix near home too. The sale ends tomorrow, so I need to make sure to get some tomorrow.

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Jenn(ifer) said...

The Biggest Loser completly inspires me. If those people get do it, so can I.