Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday almost down

Today was actually not all that bad of a day. Alexis was off, so I had to do her work and mine. There was a lot of it. Did what I could, that is all that counts. Tomorrow is just another day.

Watched The Bachelor. I did not wanna get sucked in but I did! I liked this guy from The Bachlorette. They showed clips that that witch comes back onto this show. She and the guy she chose already broke up. Now I am watching True Beauty. It is actually so damn funny! Some of these people are not pretty. They are in photo's, but everyday - not! And then they throw in challenges to see if they have inner beauty. One guy is from Tampa.

Yes, went to stores today with coupons. I totally forgot, and after work....Walgreens here I came. I actually went 2 times as I forgot coupons for the main thing I wanted. Now before you think I am totally insane (I know you already do), I did give a few coupons to a woman that helped me. Will leave ya until tomorrow. Just realized how late it is. Nite for now

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