Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hit up CVS at 3am

I went to bed very early with a migrane, so I woke up at 3am! Could not go back to sleep so I went to CVS. There was already someone there cleaning them out of the free stuff. I did not have any coupons for the listerine or right guard, but that is still alright with me as I needed it for my son.

I only had 14.00 in ECB to start off with, but since the place was just about dead. I did the buy one get the ecb and then repeat deal for the Right Guard so those were .00 OOP.

Total in 5 transactions I bought:
5 Vanilla Mint listerine (for Cody-no coupon)
5 Right Guard (for Cody-no coupon, usually 9.00 its that clinical stuff. all 5 free)
3 6pk Dove bars (for mom and I-had coupon)
1 Halls cough drops. (forgot to use coupon).

saved $92.69
TOP $7.57

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