Monday, December 01, 2008

Forgot another movie

Oh yeah, I also watched Thirteen. It has Nikki Reed who played Rosalie in Twilight in it. She wrote the script along with Catherine Hardwicke who was the Director of Twilight. It is about a normal 13-year-old girl trying to make it in school. After befriending a new girl at school, Evie; Tracy's world is turned upside down when Evie introduces Tracy to a world of sex, drugs and cash. But it isn't long before Tracy's new world and attitude finally takes a toll on her, her family, and old friends.

Also on Cable, I watched part of Cherry Crush which has Nikki Reed and Jonathan Tucker that was in the TV show that did not last long but I liked it..The Black Donnellys.

Ok, I think I am closer to 20 movies. Told you I was lazy as hell these past 4 days.

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