Monday, November 03, 2008

Best Monday ever

Work was OK, busy as always! Had the meeting today, well what started out as a meeting. We were in the meeting I was talking and then all of a sudden the whole Business Operations came in clapping and saying congratulations. The meeting was actually a way to get me into the meeting I missed Friday since I was out. We have a Peer Recognition thing, and I finally won! I was so shocked! I bust my butt and finally got a big thank you! Not only do you win, but you get also get a "thank you gift". They hand me a small blue gift bag. They said I was hard to shop for, that they did not want to get me something scrap booking as I probably would already have it. I pull out a Eagles Farewell tour double DVD! I turned it over and taped to the back was 2 tickets to their concert in January, and a parking pass so I do not have to pay to park either! I started crying! I am so excited!

Tomorrow is the day! Gotta get out there and vote if you have not already. I am going to be so nervous all day long! And then tomorrow night, you may hear me yelling (hopefully for being happy about the results)! These last few weeks and especially tomorrow I am missing Tim Russett! This election is not the same without him reporting!

Ok WTH? First we had to go thru heartworms with Oscar, now he has gotten Ticks! Come on now. Never had a dog with heartworms and never have had a dog with Ticks. Makes me feel like I am negleting my guy. I take care of him, spoil him rotten. Make sure he has meds to prevent this and yet he still gets Ticks? I guess I was not using the right kind before? Of coarse I went on line and was researching, and it seems others who have taken precautions, yet still had pets that have gotten them.

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Cheryl said...

Congrats!!!!! About Time they did something for you.