Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is one of the reasons why I watch General Hospital

If you can not is Wednesday. Today I thought I would post a Soap Opera Star's picture. One of the ones that I think is the hottest is "Jason Morgan" from General Hospital. That show has the most hot guys in one cast. For years I missed out on this show because my mom watches Guilding Light. Well only a few years ago when I had to share an office with 2 girls that was GH fans, I was out numbered! We would alternate the channel. I would get GL on Tuesday and Thursday - they would get it Mon, Wed, and Friday. But before too long they got it every day as I was hooked! This show does not drag out story lines forever. They get to things and just keep increasing. I have always liked Mob type movies, so why would I not like it on a Soap? I DVR 4 soaps, but this is the only one I will only fast forward during the commercials - all others I will fast forward or just plain delete without watching the whole thing. The only thing I hate about Jason....he does not take his shirt off! Since I have been watching the show he has only taken it off maybe 3 times. And man he should take it off more! But with those crystal Blue eye - man oh man!

OK, will close now that I am drooling! Oscar has his last heartworm treatment today. Hope he is all cured. I did end up buying him some Purina yesterday. Some, is an understatement! Yes, a deal was involved! Target has 20lbs bags on sale for 9.98. When you buy 2 you get a 5.00 gift card. Well, naturally I found a 4.00 off coupon. So, 19.96 - 8.00 = 11.96 for 40lbs of dog food then 5.00 to spend later end cost is 6.96 for 40lbs of dog food. I spent 30.00 for 30lbs Monday!


lovinSteve said...

I totally agree with you and that's why I started to watch GH too! I remember Steve from a movie I used to love and was happy to see him again in Daytime - total hottie!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Great deal on the dog food!!

:Jayne said...

I won't tell you how long I've been watching GH. Let's just say I can remember getting off the elementary school bus and running to the house to see it before it got over.
Jason is hot, in a bad boy way.