Thursday, October 16, 2008

More important

I came on to post real quick before I go to bed, lots to say....but this is alot more important that I would like to share. This is from my neices blog

Dylan's appointment went good. He has grown 2 3/4 inches & gained 1 1/2lbs. His IGF-1 levels were a little high (growth hormone), but that just means his body is really recognizing the growth hormone. The doctor kept the dose the same to stay on the conservative side. He is in the 22 percentile now, which is a big leap! He was in the 2nd percentile when he first started, last visit he was in the 12th percentile. Leaps & Bounds!

Got back in time for parent teacher conferences: Dylan's teacher couldn't say enough good things about him. They are graded on a 1,2,3 & 4 grading system. 3's are the norm, as that means they are meeting the standard. 4 would mean extending beyond what is necessary. His teacher says she never has given a child a 4 but Dylan is her first. He got a 4 in his writing. She says his creativity is beyond anything she's ever seen. He writes with such an imagination that the teachers across the hall as to see what he as wrote about each day. She has sat a student next to Dylan in hopes that the child would mimic some of Dylan's manners & behaviors. She says that she thinks he's a positive influence. Tyler's conference went extremely fast. I was a little worried about his report card but he got A/B Merit Roll. He got 5 A's and 3 B's. He got 100 in Art, Music, and P.E., 96 in Math, 87 in Reading, 86 in Language, 93 in Social Studies, and 82 in Science. She says that he gets lazy from time to time with his reading and taking the AR tests, but he's a good kid. So... over all GOOD day.

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