Monday, September 22, 2008

Gotta post

I know there is alot to catch up on, but I wanted to post my really really great deal I did for Jennifer at Publix in Albany this past Saturday.
Did you know there is a dollar off limit at Publix, where a manager has to come over? I did not know that! The manager came over, looked at the register and said "Whoa". The cashier said - yeah and they are all ligit coupons and still have more to key in". I had saved out some of my All You coupons to use for my neice. Well, I used them all at once..and some.

Here is my long list:
2 Cascase Hydro Powder (on clearance 2for 6.99)
2 Cascasde rinse aid (coupon for free)
2 Arnold Bread (forgot coupon)
4 wheat thins
8 Fruit Roll ups
3 12pk Dr Pepper
2 Kraft mac n cheese (B1G1)
4 Karft Salad dressings
4 Valasic Pickles
6 Crystal Light
1 french onions
1 Worchestshire sauce
2 land o lakes butter
4 Kraft cheese slices
3 Oscar Myer hotdogs (lost one coupon on the groud darn it)
3 crescent rolls
1 Hummus
3 big packages of ground chuck (17.67)
3 packages of chicken (11.00)
1 Gallon of Milk
subtotal 51.93
OOP total spent 57.26
total savings 173.88

Funny / sad thing is that I forgot to use my 5.00 off 30.00 coupon 2 - 50 cent coupons for the Arnold bread. So, it would have been 6.00 less

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Denita said...

OMG Michele, that is awesome! You are too much my friend. Makes my head swim just reading it let alone trying to keep it organized.

Have a better week!
Love ya, Dee