Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finally new shows

Finally all the shows are coming back. But my DVR will be on overtime. There are some new ones and old ones all on at the same time. My tv fanic friend at work printed out a TV Guide grid that shows shows and times. My problem is that I like a wide range of shows. So, I even had to tape one on my moms tv last night! Luckily I can fast forward thru the commercials.

Here is how pathic I am:
Sunday: Desperate House Wives, Brothers and Sisters, Cold Case, The Unit,
Monday: Gossip Girl,One Tree Hill,Terminator,Prison Break,Heroes,CSI MIami
Tuesday: NCIS,The Mentalist,Without a Trace,90210,Fringe,Law and Order SVU
Wednesday: Private Practice,Crimal Minds,CSI NY,Lipstick Jungle
Thursday: Greys Anatomy,Life on Mars,CSI Vegas,Eleventh Hour,Smallville,The Office,ER
Friday: Ghost Whisper


:Jayne said...

I had forgotten about Brothers & Sisters! A commercial was just on for it and I said "oh yeah!"
I love that show!


Mary B said...

Did you watch Heroes yet? What did you think? It was pretty good. A few spots I went "huh?" but other than that it was okay.

I tried to watch the Mentalist last night but didn't finish it. Seems like just another CSI copy cat.

Cheryl said...

Great minds...my post was about TV shows.