Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I remember why I do not like the news

I watch the news, and it is just so depressing, I read the TBT newspaper and more depressing. Come on the internet and go to read People.com thinking it will be ok. Wrong again. People.com has Christina Applegate Cancer-Free After Double Mastectomy. 36 years old, beautiful young actress. Reading the story about her mothers cancer battle, I really do not blame her. Very stong decision to make.

Ever had that should have-but, could have-but, and would have-but choice to make? And then after wards kicking yourself? Having one of those moments. Both at work and at home. I am down in the dumps, and I think alot of it is also that I am missing some hugs and kisses. Looking at smiling faces in pictures help a little. But then it turns into missing them more.

Gonna cut this short...hope all is well with everyone, have not checked on Fay lately - guess I should still watch to see if it goes up to Jennifer and Jill. Hugs to all!


Elizabeth said...

Yes, it can all get you down very quickly and easily! Scrap something happy and get your smile back!

Roz said...

HUGS and more HUGS coming to you from me...if you ever want to get away from things, come on over and stay with me for the weekend! We have room to put you up, and lots of hugs and smiles from my happy little family!
Hope you are a little happier now....MWAH!