Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love being other peoples smiles

You know you can pick on me all you want, cause if it brings a smile to your face - I am all for it.

Crop in Sarasota yesterday. Fun and great as always. New faces old faces, just plain great faces. Yes, since I had a horrible week, I wanted to just plain relax. I only brought my coupons and my laptop to get things caught up. And nope I did not finish either one. I have just a few coupons hanging out there that needs to be organized. I got rid of most of my expired ones. I could not see some of them, so if it was something I knew without a shawdow of a doubt I will not use - I threw it away. Kip and Linda had fun making fun of me about my coupons. Well, that is fine - cause my savings out weighed their laughs. And yes, I have made a Publix run and a CVS run this morning. CVS spent 21.12 saved 49.55 and I got $16.00 ECB to spend later. So technically I spent 5.00. Publix was spent $23.58 saved $59.64. And yes, I even gave away a couple of coupons to a woman that was shopping today. So see. I am not all that greedy. Or insame about my coupons. Well, maybe a little after getting 80 packages of pens for $2.80. I added a few of the blogs I love to read and assit me in my savings. Gotta get more orgainized to save even more. And find the charities I would like to donate some of thse items to. So, no I am also not keeping for myself. Besides sending to my neice and her family, I am going to donate some. Like I need 12 things of deoderant?


Teresa said...

Was good to see you yesterday...congrats on all that saving too.

Cheryl said...

I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't let me. Good job on the pens. I thought I did good getting 12 packs for FREE at Walgreens. Your 80 packs beats me!

Kip said...

We love you coupon lady!!

Denita said...

Congrats Michele on your great savings! And remember my dear we ALL have our addictions, even Miss Linda and Kip. At least your's is healthy right?

See you soon,