Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Just realized it is Sunday almost Monday, and I have not posted since Wednesday. I have just been so busy I do not know what day it is.

Thursday I went and saw Mamma Mia after work. I normally get off work at 4:30. My friend Joan called and demanded I join her, her 2 daughters, and 8 of their friends to go see the movie. I wanted to see it, so I agreed It was going to be the 7:20 showing. Well, sure enough - 7:05 and I was still at work. Needless to say I still made it to the movie and got to see the previews (I am a preview fanatic). That is a must see! It was so great. Only one person I know said "It was alright". But then also said she hates musicals. I guess she did not realize musicals equals - random breakout of songs for the scenes! They all did an excellent job! I think they will be up for awards for best musical/comedy. It was funny too! Great soundtrack, I wanna get it.

Saturday I went over to Kathy's. There was a small get together of croppin and poll party. I was so drained and was only going to go for a little bit as I really needed sleep for today. But I just could not bring myself to leave. Great company and great times was what I also needed more than sleep. I did not even bring my bathing suit or stuff to crop, but that is ok as I still had a wonderful time. Thank you again so much Kathy for opening your door's for us.

Today, what a day. I left for work before 6am. We had a system upgrade that I had to be in charge of since it was Mike and Manny's deal before. It went smooth at first! There was one issue, that got fixed. We left work as there was "no known issues". Well. it seems there was issues with the scheduling of orders and no one contacted me. Other regions found it and notified the correct people. No our people contacted the wrong people that had no clue and did not realize it was an issue. Took me almost an hour to get them to look at the correct info and realize - yes in fact there was an issue. And I should have been notified. It was 3 hours later before I read it from the other regions. I was a bit upset! Makes me look like I did not handle things right. I will take care of it with their bosses tomorrow. Other than that one minor set back, it went great.

Monday, I already know we will have to deal with getting the issue fixed. My temp boss will be at Jury Duty, so I am the go to person tomorrow. Did not get caught up on all my work today, so I will be doing that tomorrow. Main thing is getting ready for the weekend. Hilltop Fried Green Tomotoes crop. Looking forward to a great time. Some people will not be there, they will be greatly missed! But also looking forward to others I have not seen in awhile.

Gonna wrap it up, going to hit the sack. Hope everyone is well and getting well!

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Teresa said...

Dang girl, you work too hard.
Excited about FGT too....thanks to Linda, I have a roomie...yippee!

Have a good week...see you on Friday.