Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday night blog

See I told you I would blog again today. Guess how many pages got done? Total of 20! I would have done more if I did not get side tracked on a few other things I needed to do. But they were things for me. so my weekend was not all about Kim.

I would like to consider myself one of Kips "people", so I am going to follow in her blog:
See: I see a really messy room that has been screaming "clean and organize me fully". Yes, I am behind on everything.
Hear: I hear the Deadlist Catch. There has been a marathon on all day today. Have watched most of it. It is up to the shows I have seen. Just started watching it thanks to my neice Jennifer. My mom does not like to watch it since she knows first hand how the real toll it takes on the men and their families. My uncle Joe was a real fisherman from Glouster Mass.
Taste: I taste the after taste tea with sweet n low leaves in your mouth. Yes, no sweet tea here. Craving some ice cream, but I am out.
Smell: Well, nothing really. I have a hard time smelling anything. My sense of smell is out of whack. I guess that could be both a really great thing but a bad thing too. At least I do not have alergies.
Touch: The last few hours has been my laptop. I have been filling in an excell spreadsheet of Close to my heart order. So that identical items are not bought in error.gonna wrap out things and get ready for another fun filled stressful week at work.


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Kip said...

YaYYYYYYYYYYYYYy Michele, YOU ARE one of my people for sure!! Love you!