Monday, June 16, 2008

How was your Monday

Lucky for me I knew ahead of time today was not going to be a great day at work. Since I knew this ahead of time, I was prepared for what I knew what it would be like. So, yes when it was a horrible day - I was prepared. I laughed some of it off. Some did still bother me, but I just let it go. And I also know it will be this way for the next two weeks. I asked if I could submit a facilities ticket for them to pipe in "smart air" to the second floor, but they said no I could not. SO, I guess the next two weeks will be tough. Already told them, if you see me on the 2nd floor - duck and run for cover. I was only there 7 times today. On the bright side that means I did the stairs many times today. 1st floor 3 times, and 2nd floor 7 times. Took the stairs each and every time. I told them I think I will be in sneakers the next two weeks. They laughed, I am serious.

Tonight is the Season premeire of Weeds on Showtime. I actually like that show. It is something else. They have been showing some good shows coming up. One is The Mentalist, with Simon Baker. He is the blonde hottie from Devil wears prada. The show is about: A mentalist turns private investigator uses his skills to help the police. Sounds interesting.

Need to check some emails and blogs. Will blog about nothing again tomorrow lol. Have a great night.

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I am so stinking happy about WEEDS! I have never ever missed one episode. Its so funny. Kind ironic I watch the show given how against "weed" I am! lol