Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Yep, Friday the 13th. Looking for some scary movies on cable, there are not that many. Wish I had Monsters HD channel - I would be set. So, guess I will watch Saw 3.

Sat in on some meetings today, one started at 1pm the next was at 2:30. I ended up being in meetings from 1pm until 4:22 - and I leave at 4:30. Yes, I was ready to get out of there. Next week is gonna be another hectic week, but it will go by fast. Oh get this... Two people from my work are up in Savannah for some work related issue. Well, being that it was Savannah they went to Paula Deans place. Not only did they get to eat there - but Bobby Dean was there at the time. Chrissy got her picture taken with him. WITCH! I knew I should have gone for that position! lol

Plans for the weekend? Yep scrap that darn book. Maybe at least whip out some more blank pages to get ready for pictures. Just wanna get it done. I WILL get some done. Just read where Reminisce was hit hard by flooding. Love their paper. We are in droughts and other places wish they were in a drought!


Jenn(ifer) said...

Ms. Sherry got to meet Bobby & Jamie Dean. They were the nicest, and most down to earth guys. She said they really love their Mama too. She met them in Valdosta at a luncheon though. But, their daddy is from Albany & owns a big car dealership there. Small world, huh!?

Well, have a nice weekend scrapbooking for that woman.

Kip said...

shoot, I'm reading this and just realized, I never sent you my order!!! Off to do it right now!