Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday bedtime....

...but I have to get a quickie in! Post that is. get your minds out of the gutter. Man I can not wait for the weekend to hurry up and arrive cause if I gotta spend one more minute with ..oops Meatloaf just popped in my head. OK, can you tell I really am in much needed sleep? Yes, I can not grasp one train of thought. Seriously, I do wish this week would go by as I am already so tired of work. I am so swamped it is unreal! I knew it would be, but everytime I turn around I hear "oh you can contact Michele" or "oh we will assign this to Michele". WOW! how much more? I am about to burst at the seams! But atleast it does make the day go by so fast.

Aunt Mary from New York is here, well in Lakeland. She was able to fly down with no issues. She is only here til Sunday. One of the days she is going to go to the Fly thing over there in Lakeland. Her and Eddie (her husband) will love it!

Oh, I stopped by Diana's to bring her the CTMH order that came in for her, well her son and his sweet girl Snickers (his dog)was there. I was telling Snickers how I have been wanting to meet her, and I realized how rude are you - so I told her son " and you too". He probably thought I was insane. Diana told him I have a boxer also, so hopefully that lesson the blow. Man when I got home, Oscar was mad at me. I loved on Snickers and Clyde - shame on me. He is just so deprived of love it is pitiful....yeah right he is spoiled rotten! And very much loved the way animals should be! Not starved and abused. I just can not grasp how anyone can do that to animals? They love you more than humans do at times, they do not talk back (well sometimes Oscar does) - but still! Ugh.

OK, I am rambling. Better go to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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