Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Missed Monday, shame on me...

...especially since I also did not say Happy Birthday to my nephew Michael. Bad Auntie Shell! I will call him tonight, to let him know I did not forget, I just crashed after work.

Was there enough bad news yesterday? Poor Sasha girl getting hurt by the mean old pitbull. I am glad it was not worse. She will get lots of TLC when she gets home. Flash backs to the horrible pictures Amy shared with her Peanut. Peanut is a fighter and made it thank goodness! Big hugs to Peanut too! And then reading the email from Barb. How sad and sickening to think the possibility that someone took them. You trust these people to your parents care. Not just physically and mentally, but their belongings as well. That is all part of their care as well!

Did get some great news yesterday, Dylan grew another inch and has gained 4 pounds. He had an appointment in Tallahassee yesterday and had great news. They did up the dose on his shot - but not much just to get a little more in him since he has been at the same amount for awile. He was at .9 now it is 10. He does still get one shot a day, so that part has not changed. Tyler has testing at school this week. Jennifers mother in law stayed the night Sunday night, so when Jennifer left the house at 4:30am she did not have to wake the boys and take them with her to take Josh to work. They helped alot! Wanda also rode to Tallahassee with Jennifer. Speaking of Wanda, she is doing alot better. Hoping to get the clear to go to work at the end of the month. Light dudty starting May 1st, that is her goal and so far she is making it.

Ok, better close since I am at work and should not be on here. Wanted to post since I missed yesterday. I was doing so good, can not revert back to my bad ways. Hope everyone has a great day!


Cheryl said...

The boy is at his dads but you can call him there.

Good news about Wanda & Dyl. He'll be caught up in no time.

Kip said...

You're doing great! Keep blogging!

:Jayne said...

Great News about Dylan!