Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Days skipped past me again

So, lets play catch up, and not really alot to catch up. Had a boring weekend!
Saturdaymorning was great though! I got to speak to my friend Sue that lives in England. I have not caught her on line for ages. We would talk on Saturday mornings, but some are tied up with crops - when I am free she isnt, and when she is I am not. Spoke for a little over an hour which made my day! Then I went to that dreaded grocery shopping. Took my mom and Cody out to Super Target to show them what I love. Got most all my shopping there, but some things they did not have -so back to Publix anyways. Publix is still number one in my book! Still wish I had Kips Publix near me, but mine will do. Sunday went to Ruban Rouge for the Quickutz meeting. Have not been in 3 months. Went to get my back stuff that I have not received, they did not have it in again. Second trip trying to get the stuff - to only get one out of the three. It seems they do not give dies anymore, they give product. Not even QK product in the one I got. After RR I had to go in search for double sided baby girl paper to make an album. 3 stires later I finally found it. Now wish I knew about that border punch before now, I would have been on the hunt for it too. Darn! Well I know where I can borrow one at a crop if I need to. Went home and made the albumn, by the time that was done it was Sunday night shows time. Monday, nothing but work and home! Caught up to today....I have my WW meeting tonight. Do not think I will fair so well as I feel bloated, drinking so much water I feel I am gonna burst! Tonight will be hard choice to see which show I watch. Probablly SVU and tape Murder!

Ok, back to the grind. Had to take a quick break to post while I was thinking of it! Shame on me! Have a great day everyone

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