Saturday, March 22, 2008

Days gone bye again

Now hopefully this week goes by fast too as I will be sailing in one week! Today will be find all I need and make sure I have all I need.

Tursday was the season finalle to Lipstick Jungle. Made my son search the web to see if he could find out if they are cmoning back or not. Yep! At this moment 6 more episodes have been ordered. Great and I hope alot more. If you did not see it - yes major hot body babe on it! This last show started out with him in the shower - lucky woman! Really lucky! Cause she used to be on Third watch and was lovers with the hottie of that show, then went to 24 was lovers with Keifer Sutherland, and now gets the hottie on this show! How lucky can one actress be?

One week in the new building. Getting used to it. On friday, Alexis and I ventured out and found some new places to eat if we need to. And a really really nice big Publix. We did not go in since we did not have time, but I will next week! I will even have to take a picture cause this does not look like a normal Publix from the outside. Are we pathic about our Publix's or what? It is just a great store! Oh the place we found to eat lunch at is named Shanes Rib Shack. I tried the combo so I would know what I like for another day. Well, I ate it for lunch and brought it home for dinner - then both Cody and I ate it too! There was so much food! And yes really good sweet tea!

Guess I better get "crusin" cause I have a lot of planning to do. I am very close to caving to get the buy one get one for a 1.00 once I exchange out my one for 50%. Few more things I think I need. Like a bathing suit! They are expensive there- but one regular price and another a dollar will soften the blow! Have a great day. Will let you know later what I decide to do.


:Jayne said...

If you find a bathing suit, let me know where, I'm sure not finding one!
Just think, one week from right now, we will be standing in the line to board the boat!


Kip said...

I got your beautiful card, thank you so much!! Happy Easter to you and your mom and Cody!