Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Buffalo Wild Wings day

Ok, now I know it is Tuesday - but it is wing day. I am just addicted to their wings. Now when I join WW I will have to make sure I allot for the wings. I only get 6 so its not like I eat 20. I will have to stop with the fries and change up to a salad. I can do that since I love salad. Now my other down fall is their sweet tea. But I can do it, I will have to do it.

Weekend was good, too short as always. Sunday was a lazy day. I had tons to do, but did nothing! Saturday was down in Sarasota. As always love that place. It is just a great little place, and seeing Michelle and Stacy is just great! Teresa came and was making Easter cards, I just fell in love with it. Sweet Teresa let me card the card, not fully finished yet. I have to stamp the inside. And get them in the mail the end of the week I want to make sure they get mailed. I started off to make a few ended up making 20, and got paper to make more! I decided that I will send one to all the secret pals so I do not give away who I have. I did line up an idea to mail from out of town and out of state, but these are just too cute not to mail to all the pals since I usually do anyways. Well, when I remember to mail cards that would be. Teresa always makes the cutest things, and I am so glad she was so kind to let me copy the card. Just too too cute!

OK, so since I should be working now as always I better get busy. I will write more later. Have a wonderful day

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Bad (but good) news about Sweet Teat at my house... I do not make it anymore! I made unsweet tea & bought sweet-n-low. Josh is rebelling BIG time! The kids like it fine, and its better for them anyway. I started making adjustments to somethings since Wanda's stroke. It is a real eye opener to know that what we put in our bodies can ultimately cause our dimise if we are not more diligent!