Saturday, February 09, 2008

Jennifer is having a great day

My neice Jennifer has been down in the dumps lately, and her husband working out of town on their wedding anniversary was adding the frosting on the cake. Well, I was on my way home from St Pete and I called my mom to tell her. She tells me that I need to call Jennifer and ask her where she was. I knew she was going to be busy today and had planned on calling latter in the day - I went ahead and called asked where she was .....Savannah! That is my "bucket list" cities to visit! She already called me back now to inform me that she is eating lunch in a Greek restraunt. OK, first Savannah - then a Greek restraunt! Not much more I could take at this point. She was not going to try to go to Paula Deans or Bubba's this trip atleast. She said it was a easy drive from her house - 4 hours - but easy, one she could even do. She does not like interstates or heavy traffic, that is why they do not come down here more. I see more trips there in her future. She sounded extramly excited and happy, this was much needed for them. They are alone no kids - so it is just Josh and Jennifer time. That is something they hardly ever get. So, I cannot be too upset about her going. I will let this one slide.

Now to rewind my day. Got up and headed to the Scrapbook Shoppe. They had a albumn sale and I needed a few. The ones they had on sale was not what I was looking for, so I did not buy any. Instead they had the new templates I (and Diana) love. They are from "The Crafters Workshop". Since I still had my Whimsodoodle gift certificate burning a hole in my purse, I headed that way too. They were having a clearance sale with 50percent off already marked down stuff. So my GC was stretched a long way! Got 2 stamp sets, 4 things of big eyelets that you use with your crop-a-dile, a silver gel pen like the wonderful white gel pen, some bazzill bling (since I can not find my other that I need to use), a couple of biggie brads from bazzill, a KI boy paper kit that has 12 sheets of paper and 2 apoxy stickers in it. All of that for 23.00! Kip did not hear my call when I was heading over there, so I did not get to see much of her. I did stop by for a moment on my way home. And yes I did have to shop at her Publix! I just love that store, I love Publix period but hers is really nice and big.

Well, better close now while I am ambitious. I will write more tomorrow. Hope everyone having a really great Saturday!

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Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you made a haul at the Shoppe :)) On ly 4 more days