Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I want a rant time

So, I am going to rant a little bit.

I am so sick and tired of all this Brittany stuff. Oh, she is so upset over losing her kids? Ok, then why go to Vegas with your at the moment boy toy? Stay your butt at home and clean up your act and use your money to fight to get them back! No, instead lets go hotel hopping from one to another getting your picture taken. She just keeps giving them reasons to not get the kids back. Thats all I am gonna write as she gets to much as it is.

Work is not high school (unless you work in one). I mean do not go around acting like a teeny bopper. If I just so happen to eat lunch at the same place and at the next table of someone you have been begging to go to lunch with you - GET OVER IT. And if you do not beleive me that I did not go to lunch with him, such is life. So, naturally after I got a little miffed at it - I decided to throw it right back a little and make her even more upset over the thought of him going to lunch with him instead of you. What do I do? Since I did drink alot (sweet tea) at lunch I guess I have to just walk by the window where you are working drinking out of my to-go cup from such place. And just because I stood there in front of you doing it for a few moments - such is life. But hey, it is on the way to the bathroom, is that my fault? And if that was not enough, the little guy on my right shoulder reminded me - it was not the first time we happened to be in the same place at the same time. So, while your are filling in at a different seat, I will leave you a little note, since you think we are in high school stating "actually this was not our first time having lunch together". Well, you know I just had to do that since your office is near the bathroom and I needed somewhere to leave my cup while I went to the bathroom. Besides, I wanted to say hello to your office mate that got me addicted to General Hospital. Just had to talk about the show too. Yep, I should not have done that, but guess what? I little evil side of me said why not since I had to go potty anyways.

Law and Order SVU tonight, looks really good as always. I love that show.


Jenn said...

You completely LOST me?!??! Am I just tired & my brain fried from Accounting, or did you just throw me for a loop!?!?!?!

:Jayne said...

I don't know what it is you are up to, but it sounds evilly fun. But it looks like I am not the only one who fully understands.
Continue the saga!


Mary B said...

You are a trip!!! Don't you love it? Yeah, my buddies started a rumor about themselves just to piss off one of "high-schoolers". It is too funny to see them fume, isn't it?

Hey is the CTMH book on-line? I keep leaving it at home!

Kip said...

What in the hell are U talking about, LOL!!!!

Cheryl said...

OK good....everyone is confused. Guess it's one of those, "You had to be there?"

As long as you are enjoying yourself, that is all that matters.

Elizabeth said...

You go, girl! Don't hold back, now - tell us what you REALLY think LOL