Monday, January 07, 2008

Alexis's Birthday


Happy Monday. Today was Alexis's birthday. Now others claimed they were taking her to lunch and making her cupcakes - nope! She made cupcakes anytime it was her "team members" birthday, and they even said "it is the least we could do since she did it for us" nada! So, yesterday I cut out a bunch of shoe quickutz as a joke. Instead of confetti I sprinkled a bunch of them on her desk. I made her A with pinks and purples since I can never remember if it is pink or purple that she likes. And the B with shoes all over it, did not come out that great, but she laughed and liked it! Oh, at Bed Bath and Beyond I found a Andy Warhol "shoe" calendar. I also got her my first help book that I bought for myself. Since she is a beginner scrapper I got her a book to help with quotes and phrases. She said, oh wow I was wondering if they made a book like this - I really wanted one. So, I guess I did good. She said I did. She loves Tinkerbell and I found her a Happy Birthday Balloon with Tinkerbell. Forgot to take a picture of it. I really liked the way the A came out, now I want to make more.
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Jenn said...

You are such a good friend :)

:Jayne said...

You are such a nice person! I like your A. You did a good job on it.