Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Isnt this the Land of the Free?

Then why is it less and less things are ok to say? First thing that iratates me is that we no longer have Christmas party's! It is "End of the Year" or "Holiday". Our department is having a party on the 20th and on the invatation our Director put "Our End of the Year, Holiday, Christmas Party (take your pick)". I think that is funny, as she feels the same way. Now if this was not bad enough, did you hear that they are in the process of changing our State song? They say there are some underlining things in the song. Come on! The pledge, Christmas, now our song. WTF?

Ok, enough of that rant. I splurged on myself! I have never had my hair cuut, lowlighted, and dyed professionally. Well, since my last hair dye horror I decided to get it done right. Well, I am so happy I did! I love it! It is so pretty! Now, I just hope I can get it to do the same as she did for this Saturday. My co-workers love it - Cody did not even notice and I do not know how the butthead could not have? Mom was "it looks nice", ok for the price - it is better than nice!

Who is all done shopping? Not me! Did not get much done last night after I got home, and tonight I should be seperating a order to hand out this weekend. Just you wait til you see the new book! I will pass out napkins when you take a look. I have to double check all my stuff for my stocking person, one thing is still not here yet - and I am getting a little worried. It is Wednesday, so I have a little more time - but come on do not leave me wondering if it will make it. I have decided what I am making for the party. Yes, I will be baking! No Publix bought item from me as orginally thought I would do. Now, I just hope it comes out as good as I have had it in the past. It is a co-workers specialty item he always makes for pot luck or functions when items are to be brought in. All I know is that I love it, so I hope you will too. And besides, it is my favorite color!

Guess I better get busy since I am at work. Will write more later. Have a wonderful day.


Cheryl said...

WHERE is the PICTURE??????

:Jayne said...

I've not shopped! Not one Iota! It's on the agenda for this weekend.
I hope you have fun at the stocking exchange!


Kip said...

I'm waiting on one thing to come in too...wonder if it's the same thing!!!!