Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Loving this weather

Fially able to have the windows open and not have fans a blowing. It has been so hot for so long, I can not get enough of this weather! Loving it! And the light bill goes down too! Yeah finally some releif from the light bill! Now if other bills would just disappear, then I will have it made. That will be the day.

Why are people buying the new Brittany CD? Boycott her, maybe that will help snap her into reality that she needs to get a life! The pop-zzi need to stay away from her - everyone just ignore her! She is fueling the bullcrap and wanting the world to cater to her. How many things does she need to hit and run over before something is done? They had on Extra tonight, that she actually stayed home - yeah right the day is not over yet. Tomorrows news will be her out parting with no panties again. Oh man I bet Starbucks almost had to shut down today since she did not go in there? Enough, I am over her! Can we have more important issues on TV? For once ET actually had more about Daddy Osmond passing than Brittany, and I am glad! That is more important than her!

How about that writers strike? Some shows will be ok for a bit, but others are SOL! The night talk shows are really hurting, some shows already stopped taping. Some had alot of shows in the can ready for airing - some will be re-runs quickly. I think I heard soaps are ok atleast until the first part of the year. Well, General Hospital can just air the best of Jason Morgan everyday until they tape new shows - I will be fine and dandy! He is just some kind of hot!

I realized today when I get off work next Wednesday (not tomorrow darn it) I will have a total of 10 days off from work, and only using 5 vacation days! How cool is that? There are 2 weekends in the mix, and Thanksgiving off - so that takes up the other 5 days. I will be going to Georgia Wednesday after work and staying til about Monday or Tuesday - not sure yet. My Aunt Mary and Uncle Eddie will be here. They are getting their mobile home in Lakeland ready to rent out to some friends from New York. They will be here from Saturday to Saturday. HUM, guess I might need to go over there one of the days too so I can go to Violletts (or for Kip - Nicolletts). Need to talk to her, but I think we will be having Thanksgiving over at Cheryls.

Mom FINALLY changed doctors today. I have been hounding her about changing cause her doctor and his staff SUCKED! She would sit and wait an hour or more to see him, he would maybe spend 2 mins with her - and leave. Perscribing different things and not telling her anything. Never sending information that he should. Final straw was when she was told to have certain tests and they did not send over the paper work so it was delayed and not done to well. Sitting that long just to get screwed over - plays havoc on her. Well, this new one - not only did not make her wait over an hour - but spent over an hour with her! They talked so much, that she forgot to get her FLU shot! She remembered on the way home from the doctors, so she will be calling back tomorrow to get an appointment (try for Friday Mom). Not really an appointment as they did not get her the shot and it was marked in her file. Oh yeah speaking of files, naturally the old doctor did not send over her files - and it was requested in plenty of time to have them there! Point taken again why she needed to change. She needs a real doctor, so far it looks like she has found one. Now I hope they stay that way.

Well, gonna cruise and read mail and blogs. Make the best of it!


:Jayne said...

I'm jealous! Drool for me at Violettes!
As of Thursday, as in day after tomorrow, I am off two weeks with only 7 days leave!
I won't want to go back!

Jenn said...

I am SO glad Grandma got a good doctor!

About the weather - BRING YOUR SOCKS & BRING A SWEATER! The high here today......64 Degrees. Its supposed to go back up to 70,71,72 in the next week, so a little warmer, but still very chilly at night. I am not going to touch my heater until later next month when its more consist. SO DO NOT FORGET YOUR SOCKS WOMAN!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great trip coming up!! It will be awesome to see family and spend time.

Happy to hear that Alice found a new doctor that will CARE for her, it's so important.

I'll be seein' you in a few days!

di said...

You will have to tell me who her dr was so we all stay away from him! and was it an Medicare HMO Doc?

Kip said...

You can't go to Nicolette's without moi girlfriend!!!!
So glad your mom got the new Dr. too!

Elizabeth said...

I love this weather too!!! I figure you can always put on more clothes and get warm but you can only take off so much and even then you aren't cool LOL