Monday, November 12, 2007

WOW almost a week

I did not realize it has been almost a week since I posted. Guess I better get to it. Well, from Thursday to Sunday night I was in Kissimmee with Linda and Elle. Man did we get some stuff done! I did 36 Thanksgiving cards, 13 Christmas cards, a Cat book (not just any - it is the Diana one for Hang Ten). Yep, I will be remaking that one really soon. If I had the paper to do so, I would have made more right then! One lady at the crop made the cat one, and then made 2 more after that! I also, did the Jingle book, well started it and then copied Miss Elle's! She did a faboulous job as always. And guess what it had? Yep, bling! Made it perfect! And, I started the makings of 2 baby books, like the Dream book Diana did. I folded the papers, and almost covered the covers and ran out of time. For me - that was about 6 crops worth of stuff rolled into one. Met alot of nice ladys, and some are even checking with their calendars and the husbands to see if they can go. The hotel must not be used to people being there during the day, as they were non existant! They were least to be desired, but I will tell you one thing! The next morning after I brought back the cleaning ladys stuff from our room - which she did a poor job at - that next day it was spotless and perfect! Linda may not have cooked, which is my favorite food to eat, but we did have very nice dinners! A thousand thanks still will not be enough, Miss Linda!

The countdown is really on, 53 hours and I will be on the road to Georgia! Man I can not wait! And I know Jennifer cant either as that means a couple of days later she will be heading to the Bahamas with her Husband. This will be the first true vacation they have taken. I am so excited for her. Told her she has to have a drink at Senior Frogs! They are both old enough!

Well, better get back to work, lots to do! None that I wanna, but I guess I better! Have a great day!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend. Must see pictures. I organized and got ONE card made so far. Getting off the computer now to go make more stuff!

Jenn said...

Heather says she wants pic w/ the Frog, so Senor Frog is a must on our list, even if we don't eat or drink! LOL

Anonymous said...

Have a fun and safe trip Michele! I know you are SO lookin' forward to goin'! See you when you get back:)


Elizabeth said...

Just read Linda's take on the weekend LOL Glad you got a lot done! Hope you have a wonderful trip - be safe!