Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday already

Do you think I am done with everything? Nope. Still need to: Run and get Surfs up while it is one sale - and I have a coupon, Pack clothes, pack what I will attempt to work on, make sure there is enough groceries for Cody and my mom, make sure I have at least some gas in the car, make sure i have bills organized to pay tomorrow morning before leaving, and mail Jayne's CTMH. I did at least one major thing I wanted to finish last night.

Cody is on cloud 9! He has been working on a music piece for his class. He even got up at 615am yesterday to tweak one more thing. Well, non talkative Cody, turned into very talkative Cody! First yesterday to my mom before he left - then we he came home. I said "well" to find out what the professor thought, 25 mins later he finally told us what they thought of his. Finally he informed us that the professor compared it to a Marx brothers skit. Your thinking - huh? Well, no that is a major pat on the back, and especially to him! He is a hugh Marx brothers freak and to some their skits are brilliant. He was just a floating! It even had him talking to people in his class! Trust me, that was a wow moment too! Before class he was talking to them about the new Radiohead that was released on line. He was listening to it on his ipod, and then this other guy in class walked up listening to it too, then another guy walked up and joined on the conversation as he just listed to it too (I listened to it driving to work yesterday).

Glad to hear Taylor boy is good, not broken. Poor thing did so well in his game the night before. He has a game this weekend, but he will be benched - not by choice. He pitched the whole game. I feel for the boy.

Well, gotta get busy I am already at work. Needed not to go so long again without bloggin. Have a great day.


Jenn said...

Wow, Good Job Cody!!! I love that dude.

I hope you get packed & ready. I know this is the one event you look forward to. Have a great time.

Jules said...

YOU have been tagged...see my blog.

:Jayne said...

WTG Cody! How exciting!


Lauri said...

ok, i updated my blog arent u proud of me. & the tag thing was hard...
miss u to.

eljay716 said...

wowzers to Cody!! great job! ( i think I am behind)