Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday morning

I woke up about 6:30, 8:30 and then 10:30 and thought I better get out of bed that time. So, up and on the computer checking some things out - blogs, wmails, websites, etc. Once again I did not get anything done yesterday. I did go to the movies with Cody to see the movie Saw 4. It is more gore than scary! If gore is your thing, this movie does not lack! The sounds of the events are worse than the scenes! That is what me squirm! A few times I saw it even bothered Cody, who loves fore! And to think there will be a 5 and 6 of this movie? Each one is worse that the last, yippie for me! After that went grocery shopping. Now am I stupid or what? On the way home I stopped at a Winn Dixie since most are gone around here. They had Ground Chuck buy 1 get one free - so I had to stop. I bought a couple more thangs there. But then left, dropped that at home, and off to Publix I went! Yes, I was at one grocery store, and then went to a different one afterwards. I just love Publix so much more! I wish ours was as nice as Kips! I have stopped at hers everytime I go to Whims, but since I have not been there in awhile I have not gone. Even ours out near the college is not as nice as hers! When she blogs about how many times she goes, I do not blame her at all! And it is not like it is just around the corner from her.

So todays agends? Catching up on what I dd not do yesterday. I would love to show once done, but who knows whos hands they may fall into. Maybe you will see it down the road in a few months lol Hope everyone makes the best out of today.

Welcome home Miss Elle, fingers crossed for Dis husband to behave (doubtfull but wishful!

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Kip said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog Michele!!!