Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Call in to get what numbers are excused. It is numbers 1 - 796, and what number am I? 1690! Why could it not be the other way around? Those chairs are not comforatable! I hate sitting in there and waiting. Times like this I wish I read books. Need to see if there is one laying around here somewhere.

Tonight is RR's Quickutz club meeting. Depending how today goes and depending on how I feel I might go. Gotta remember to bring some cards as that is what this meetings swap is. I did not do any, but I can change out the ones I did this past weekend. If I put atleast one QK on it - I am good to go. I used a punched item instead of a QK - dummy me! Oh well easy fix.

Guess I better get a move on, gather up stuff and myself! And to top it all off Mother Nature is not being very nice to me!

Oh and, I am such a bad person! Did not read blogs for a few days and I missed a very important persons birthday! Jayne! I am so so so so so so so so soory that I missed your birthday!

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:Jayne said...

Ah life goes on! Don't worry, I'll let you buy me a mojito to make up for it next time we see each other!
Hope Jury Duty goes quickly! Just walk in saying "hang em" and they will let you off.