Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Catch up time

Man time sure can fly before you know it! Where did it go? October already which will be a very busy month. Last weekend was MSCrop, this weekend is a date with Tim, and the following is Creepover! Wowzers! But the best part about it is that I get to see some of my favorite people 3 weekends in a row! How lucky am I? It would be even more exciting if a few more people was in those weekends. Much missed good times I wish they were here. Not here in person, but here in heart!

Friday got off work a little early and went over to the MSCrop. It was from Friday til Sunday, and it was great seeing everyone. Seeing old friends and making new. Got to watch the Bulls game Friday and the Gator game Saturday. Tons of raffles. door prizes, and silent auction items. All proceeds going to MS, Jackie hosting has MS, and my good friend Joan at work has MS too.

You will be happy to know I got my hair cut, tried getting the dye even again - no luck! UGH. But it is slowly blending in right now. Probably have to break down and get it done professionally to get one color back on this mess. But I can not complain too much.

Went to a Construction meeting this morning, and it was nice to see people I worked with 4 years ago. I was in Billing before and dealt with them then. They moved to a different building, and I got out of billing. Walked in and I was greeted to smiles and hugs! It was so great seeing them. I missed most of them! Went back to my office, to the Collection crew giving me grief that I was not there! They all were like lost little boys it was so cute! They are moving to a different building next month, and they admitted they want me to go with them, they will miss me! Their office is going to be way down 60 in Brandon - close to where we hold the Birthday crop.

Well, gotta cruise on outta here as Cain is about to come on! My DVR has been on overdrive as all the good shows, so much I even have to watch a few on line as there are too many to tape. Man do I need to come back to earth! I am really sick!


:Jayne said...

I'm always there with ya'll in spirit. Give them all a hug for me. Especially Tim! And if you really had guts you'd goose him for me. I'd do it for you!


susie said...

She would too!!!
Miss ya'll too!!
Winter retreat can't get here soon enough, then we will get to see ya"ll again.
They say I may freeze my you know what off. But as Miss Martha says "that is a good thing". I need to lose some of this body somewhere. LOL!!
Sorry you are still some "bad hair" days.
Think of us at creep over. But be carefull what you say, we may be listening!!!