Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend re-cap

Try to keep it short...

Friday went down to Sarasota, first thing we see is Stacy's wonderful father. I just love this man! Told Stacy I was adopting her dad! OK, why would you want to ruin a good thing? And that is what I did. We went to Applebees and yes - I got something different! Well, that slapped me in the face! It was not that good and it was wrong. So if I am able to go in November (date may be changing and then I can go) I will go back to my normal meal. Saturday: Crop - hum what can I say? Great as always. Always life altering! Yes, I have a zillion things I need to work on and did I? Nope! I did not do one thing! Sunday: Bad headache - but managed to go get some Quickutz! The Scrapbook shoppe has the 2x2 dies half off. I had 2 fillrd cards so I got 20.00 work of half off free dies! I did spend 20.00 of my own money on a couple more and 2 templates. Went to WalMart to get a router for Cody to use his Mac at home since we can not find any "hot" spots to pick up the wireless. Ok the damn house is hot, but we can not get a hot spot - what is up with that. When they turn Temple Heights into a school we will be able to, but until then nope. Well, he could not get it to work. UGH he will try again later or all day tomorrow.

Well, more emails, blogs to read. And it is TV flipping - between Big Brother and Emmey's. And in a bit gonna take a pill ! lol


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you have a headache :( I sure hope it goes away soon.

Thanks so much for shopping for me and for droppin' it by. That was really sweet of you. Man, you and Linda both dropped things off to me today...I feel very special.

Feel better.

:Jayne said...

I hope that headache goes away soon.