Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I had every intention to Blog again yesterday, however things just did not work out for me ALL DAY! Started out that I knew my supervisor would not be in til about 9am which would mean 10am (sure enough he showed up at 945am). Shortly after I blogged the message, I get a call from our Director asking if he was in as there was a 9am meeting he needed to attend. Since he was not here, I had to attend the meeting. A meeting that was scheduled for 30 mins lasted 2 1/2 hours. Was not a happy camper, and then when I get out of the meeting I was informed that he did show up but then decided to take the day off since he worked Sunday. We had a upgrade to our Billing System and he worked it this time instead of me. Well, there was still issues that carried over into Monday, that I was not aware of until I had 50 emails and phone calls asking and telling me of more issues. Since I did not work the upgrade, I did not know anything about it, and the information that he printed out for it...he took home with him! Then comes 3:05pm and I get an aim...why are you or Mike not on the Conference call? Well, because I knew nothing of the call since I did not get the email, it was sent to him since he worked. Just kept going downhill all day. The only good thing about work yesterday was the sale CS had to raise money for the Head Start kids Christmas presents. I got Season 2 and 3 of Deadwood for 10.00! They had all kinds of HBO Series DVDs for 5.00 each, but no complete sets of all seasons. Oh, and of coarse I was late for my "nooner lunch" (as Jayne and Kip liked to tease), but still made it so that was good. Now today, he should be back but yet I have a meeting from 10am to noon. What is up with these people scheduling meetings when I need and want to go to lunch at 11:30? How dare they? Don't they know I have more important pressing matters at hand? lol

Anyways, Lets see...short quick wrap up. Sunday after Halloween was World of Coke in Atlanta, Tyler and I went on the CNN tour while the other 2 played in Centennial Park. Monday drove home, Wednesday was the doctors lost 3 pounds. Now it was not cause I cheated in Georgia, cause I did not! It was very hard especially with my favorite candy in the house and going to the Sweet Potato Festival..it was being Mother Nature decided to be very mean to me that day! This past weekend I stayed at Kips. It was so funny when I opened the door. Mudgy looked at me like, is that really you? And then he ran over to me...yes ran not walk..well as fast as he could move. And started giving me kisses. It was so sweet! I guess he missed me. Then I let Max out and he went crazy too. The both of them was right by my side all night. They would not go out to go potty, I had to walk out there with them. Saturday I went to my Whimsodoodle's fall festival all of about 20 mins. There was not much made this time, but a few things that was made was so adorable. I only spent 10.68! I only bought 2 qk embossing dies. I could have gone hog wild, but I was a very good girl. After the Fall Festival I was to meet up with my friend Karen at her Church for their fall festival. Well, it was supposed to be til 3pm it was done at noon. So I showed up as they were packing up. Went to her house instead for a couple of hours. Back to loving from the boys after my visit, we just chilled out watching TV with Max on my lap.

Ok, need to get busy, get things done and ready for my meeting. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Just a quick Happy Birthday to my Nephew in law (?) Josh. today is his birthday. And also a Happy Birthday to my dad who I love and miss deeply, today he would have been 84 years old.

Off to get ice first, well also my excuse to go downstairs to walk by someones desk and say hello. Honestly the ice on the first floor is better than ours. We have the cubed from the fridge that half the time is stuck and wont work. They have those small cubes that I love to crunch on. Just happens to work out that his desk is near the breakroom lol


:Jayne said...

yeah right it's the ice. We know better. You just think it's better.
Sorry your day was so rough yesterday. Now I feel bad for giving you a rough time. Hang in there!
I can just see Mudgy running to get to you. With me, he runs the other way! LOL!
Miss ya!

elle said...

i'm with jayne...sure it's the ice michele...we all know!!

the best thing about yesterday, it's over!! lol

congratulations on losing the 3 pounds! it doesn't need to be a big number, all that matters is you're losing the pounds, not finding them :)


Cheryl said...

Great to see you tonight. It took me over an hour and a half to get home with the weather and accidents all over the place. ARG!!