Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday

Not really happy I am out of bed, but I am happy I have a job to be out of bed for. So, I can not complain. I did not cave and take a sick day. I should be able to last the day. I have sick time, and plenty of it, but I just do not want to break my perfect attendance...pathetic I know! I am only working 4 days this week, so I can do it. I bet your sick of looking at that cute picture, so I thought I better blog.

Friday night was an awesome night! Left work a little early, met up with Mar Mar and then off to the U2 concert we went. Also, found Kelly and hung out with her for a little while before heading into the concert. Sad to admit, I have never been into Raymond James Stadium since it has been built. I have been in the old stadium, but not this one. It is massive, and hen to see the set up for U2 - WOW! It took up at least half of the field, and it was higher than our seats! We were in section 312, and yet it was still higher than us! The seats might sound like they would have been bad...not one bit! I think they were perfect. We could see everything, and if we could not see everything, their was a HUGH screen so we did not miss one thing. The opening act was a band from England called Muse. I thought I only knew a couple of their songs, turned out I knew many! They were really good. The song some of you might know them from is from the movie Twilight...the baseball scene...yep that is them. Now for U2, words can not describe, they rocked it beyond words. New stuff and old stuff for 2 hours. It is did a little bit political a few times, as they are very political. I would put i up there in the top 3 favorites of all time concerts that I have seen.

Cody came home fr the weekend. Laurel goes to New College so she is off this week, he rode here with her, and then was supposed to have a ride back with someone else for Sunday morning. Saturday we went out to eat and the movies, our usual that we used to love to do at least once or twice a month. I miss our dinner and movies. We started out to go to Zaxybes which I saw Friday night when I was out that way (corner of Waters and Dale Mabry), but seems they are not open yet - darn it! So instead we went to Jake's. They have really yummy burgers, and extremely yummy shakes! After dinner we headed off to the movies. Went to see Paranormal Activity. I had not seen anything about it since I really do not watch commercials (love my DVR and taped shows). Cody said it was being hailed "one of the scariest movies". Well, people that claimed that it was scary....your an idiot! It was not scary at all, now I will admit there was one scene that made us all jump, but one out of the entire movie? It was a let down. When we got home, Cody looked up what the alternate endings were, as he heard there was 4 different endings taped. Now of the 4, they should have combined two of them and then the ending would have been really good. There was maybe 15 mins of the movie that was good. So, in other words if you planned on seeing it.....wait for cable! Do not even waste your time renting the dvd. Sunday, Cody was supposed to go home...his ride fell thru. I slept most of Sunday away as I did not feel good, just to find out he needed a ride home. He had classes today. I ended up driving him home last night about 8pm. Rained almost the whole way to his house, but not a drop coming back home. There was hardly any traffic, so I was not slowed to get back. Thanks to Linda for letting me talk her ear off on the ride home to help keep me awake. I do not like driving by myself at night.

Now, I am at work, and ready to tackle the many things that will be thrown my way (even those that should not be). I just have to take it all in with a smile. And just keep reminding myself.....Friday is Creepover! Oh, Cody did put some music on my flash drive - so I will be listening to that today. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Just smile, they will not really know if you mean it or not - lol


:Jayne said...

Can't wait to see you Friday!

Cheryl said...

How funny, Jessie LOVE the movie. Guess you have seen to many scary movies and are getting immuned.