Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well, it is officially Halloween time as the kids are out Trick or Treating. I was going to go, but thought I would let them enjoy this family time together so I stayed home. Last year on Halloween it was so darn cold. We stood by a fire pit with jackets and still froze. This year it has been hot and even rained about 45 mins. And Jennifer just posted on facebook via her text that they are getting rained on now. Poor things. Hope they got lots of candy (that I will not be eating). And atleast they did go, as the boys were very excited to go.

Ok lets back up a bit since my last post was Thursday. Yes, I did leave a little early since I was going to make a few stops. I syopped at JaAnn's in New Tampa since Kathy informed me they had some really cute Christmas 1.00 inkadinkadoo stamps. I think I bought 12! Next I headed for Publix since I needed to get something for lunch. I have fallen in love with Boars Head Everroast Chicken. So I got that for lunch. Made it to Ocala and needed a potty break, so I just had to stop at Hobby Lobby. Glad I did! Bought my Stocking Pal a few things, and bought a few things for myself. Next stop was Walmart in Georgia. Stopped off to get my food that I could eat. A few things I had been looking for in Tampa they had, so I bought them to try. Got to Jennifer's and cooked my dinner. They have a new little puppy that likes to chew, and he chewed thru the keyboard wires. So, no one could get on the computer...could not have that! So, off to Walmart Josh and I went. While we were at Walmart Jennifer put the gift bags together. Friday was pretty much nothing, just visiting and I went up to the boys school with the gift bags. They loved it! One of Dylans friends said "you have the best aunt" yeah since I brought candy lol.

Today (Saturday), went to the Sweet Potatoe Festival in Ocillia. They had all kind of arts and crafts venders, TONS of food (which smelled so darn good and would have loved to have had a few things-but I did not have one thing), I kept my will power, and a few rides. Stayed there a few hours. The boys had fun. After the SPF Jennifer and I went to Albany to get Josh his Birthday Present from me. Nothing great, just jeans and a couple of shirts...but they were much needed and he was very thankful. Now, naturally sicne there was a killer sale on boys clothes, I had to ick up a few things for Tyler. He only had one pair of jeans and it is about to get cold here. Got him a few more Tony Hawk shirts, as he loves Tony Hawk. Catch up to current again..I have not passed out one piece of candy. We only have what was left of teh Laffy Taffy from the gift bags, so I was hoping not alot of kids would far nonw. Guess they do the same thing, go to a better more populated neighborhood. Waiting for them to get home. They should be soon. Tomorrow we will head to Atlanta to go to The World of Coke thanks to the MyCokeRewards. Just gonna cost the gas and parking! Can not beat that. Hope everyone is having wonderful Halloween.


Cheryl said...

Good job on resisting the food!! Have fun tomorrow.

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elle said...

michele sounds like you had a really fun time in ga.

continued good luck on your new eating plan, i know you have the will power!

have a good week:)