Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week is almost over

Was it hard for you to get out of bed this morning? It was for me. And I even tried to go to bed at 9:30 last night. Just one night of solid sleep is all I ask for, that is not too much to ask. The weekend is almost here, not sure what I am going to do yet. I know I need to go to Tampa to do Laundry, but not sure what else I will do.

Tonight I am going to have dinner with an old friend that I have not seen in years. Last time I saw her, her daughter was 2 or 3. Now she is 14 and in Jr High. So funny, she asked if I remembered how to get to her house, and I gave exact directions and was correct. Why what a memory! I can remember things from long time ago, but I can not remember things as I am saying them currently? Mid sentence words will excape me. Not a good thing!

Boys are still just wonderful. They are too funny! I love when they get excited to see me. Little kisses are always great too. Miss my big guy alot! He will attack me when I am there this weekend. A whole week no me....he will be insane for probably an hour.

OK, gotta get busy, even though no one else from my department is here yet. Must be nice!

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