Saturday, September 19, 2009

All good things come to an end

Well, the house sitting, spoiling the dogs, and feeding the iguana is coming to an end. Kips in on her way home. She is probablly already in Atlanta by now. I an not sure of the time. But I know she is scheduled to land at 5:28pm.

Have my little check of list of things to do before she gets home. The house is clean, the yard is mowed, dogs and iguana has been fed. Car has been started (started it but did not drive it), changed her tag for her since it is mid September now and it is expired. After all that traveling she does not need to bend over to change out the tag. Bed is clean and made, most of my things are already back at my house except a few odds and ends.

Tomorrow I will be heading down to Sarasota to see Cody. It has been a few months since I have seen him. So, I guess I should spend the day with him. Already spent a couple hours with Oscar today so he will not attack me when I get home tomorrow. Oscar did not like that I smelled of other dogs, and Mudgy did not like I smelled of Oscar when I got back here. Max could care less.

Well, short and sweet but I blogged, that is all that matters! Need to run, depends on what time I get back tomorrow will depend if I blog or not. And there are a couple other things to catch up on, like my Awards dinner the other night.

Off for now, have a great rest of Saturday and a faboulous Sunday!

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Teresa said...

what a great friend you are to tend to all those can housesit for me anytime :-)