Monday, September 07, 2009

3 day weekend coming to a close

So, now tomorrow morning I have to remember that I do need to get up when the alarm goes off, and I do need to head into work. I do not want to, but I need to. It was so much fun just doing nothing!

Saturday I was supposed to have done so many different things, ended up doing none of them. I did not go over to Tampa to see my mom, nor did I go to the wrestling matches to see some old friends. I just hit up Michael's and Joann's over here and was lazy all day. The air went bye bye thanks to a really bad storm we had here. At first I thought I was hot since I was embossing. Turns out it was the air. I totally forgot the directions as to what to do, emailed Kip who just so happened to be up and on...walked me thru it so we have air again. Sunday, I did go home to do laundry and to grab some work clothes, but forgot to grab a few other things. Hope I have enough til this coming Saturday. Went to Sweet Tomatoes for my birthday lunch, did not make it to Cold Stone as I had to get back to the boys. There must have been another bad storm that freaked out Max, as soon as he got out of his cage he went under the bed. Poor thing. After I finally got him out from under there, he would not leave my side. They both will lay in whatever room I am in. If I am in the living room, there they are. I just came in here to blog, they are now in here with me. They are such really good loving boys! They are too funny when I walk in, I get kisses from both Mudgy and Max. Max sleeps in his crate, and Mudgy sleeps on the floor in the room with me. It has not been fun cooking for one person! I forgot to go to Publix today, I only got a few things the other day. I will have to go tomorrow after work after I come home and let the boys out. Oh today, not much of anything. Started on some Halloween cards, almost finished. Laid in the pool for a little bit. Forgot to take off my necklace so I have a circle in the middle of my neck from where the circle was laying! Funny, but now I have to get rid of that!

Egg Breakers moment....I have started going back to complete the levels I have not completed yet.I need to do 10, 11, and 12. But what I also did was some of the special scenes. I did Safari and Fantasy this weekend. Safari you can max out your stars at 1500 (way cool), and with Fantasy it makes your daily hammer purchase half off. The school bonus stages are ending soon so make sure you cash in those points! Yes, I am still totally addicted to this game pathic I know!

Do you just love my new layout? Thank you Jen! Kathy is this better on the eyes? Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. And a great week ahead!

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:Jayne said...

I like your Autumn set up!
I didn't get what I wanted accomplished this weekend either. But it was quiet and relaxing. Sounds like yours was too.