Thursday, August 06, 2009

What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday?

Well, 2 days just slipped by me. So it is almost Friday which means it is almost Saturday...which means it is almost Sarasota. I have not been there the last 2 times. I will be working on my Recipe Swap items and if time of coarse cards.

So, the "C" boys started back to school today. It will be a little tough since they have been doing fun stuff at the Y all summer. Now it is back to reality! Dylan was able to get Tylers favorite teacher. Now, if by slim chance Dylan is bad at school (usually he is not) she will tell Jennifer instantly as she has her cell number and will text her. If any issue Dylan will have, it will be bullies picking on him. He is just so smart and so sweet and well liked by teachers, so that puts a bullseye on him. He has grown alot so he is not as small as he was which added to the mix. But one big problem is....if Gavin sees people picking on Dylan I am afraid Gavin will beat them up! At the Y, there was a 10 or 12 year old that was picking on Gavin. Well, Mr Gavin had enough and brought that kid down! He beat up a kid twice his age! Gavin is not a bully and will not pick on people or start fights, but he darn sure will finish it no matter what the age is. He has no fear! He is a tough little boy. Do not let that handsome innocent face fool you. Now Tyler might have some issues. He told me yesterday he hates school. I tried to convience him to give it a chance. But odds are stacked against him already. He has a known mean teacher. I think it might just be cause she is firm and does not let the kids get out of hand. We shall see how this plays out. Should prove interesting. Gavin and Dylan are at the same school this year, only Tyler is at a different school. I really feel sorry for Jennifer today. She will be a nervous wreck all day. Hopefully her co-workers will not give her a hard time or tease her. Hell, maybe might need to stick Gavin on them too for picking on his Momma.

Ok work time

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elle said...

the boys are very cute michele! i can't believe that it's time for school to start already.....isn't it still summer?

have a good time at sarasota saturday! i'm sure you'll get all the recipe swap done and the cards!!